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Port Orange Observer Tuesday, Jun. 11, 2019 1 year ago

Winner: Marilyn Ford to take Port Orange District 1 City Council seat

Unofficial results are in: Ford wins in special election.
by: Alyssa Warner Staff Writer

Marilyn Ford will succeed her late husband, Bob Ford, in the District 1 City Council seat in Port Orange. 

The special runoff election was held Tuesday, June 11, and Ford won 65.6% of the 6,004 votes counted in the unofficial results according to the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections. 

Lee Barreiro was left with the remaining 34.4% of votes. 

These results include early voting and absentee ballots; they do not include provisional or unscanned ballots, according to the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections. 

Among the congratulatory messages on Facebook were these following from the City Council, each of whom posed together with Ford for an endorsement photo before the election:

  • Don Burnette Congrats to Marilyn Ford, our new councilwoman in Port Orange!!!
  • Drew Bastian Congratulations to you Marilyn Ford. Well done.
  • Scott Stiltner Congratulations Marilyn Ford! Welcome to the Port Orange City Council!
  • Chase Tramont Congratulations Councilwoman-Elect Marilyn Ford.

Other Facebook messages:

  • Mo Gruber Congrats MCF ! Bob is looking down and smiling. Go Girl!
  • Maria Mills-Benat WHOOOHOOOO Congrats Marilyn Ford! 
  • Pam Connor Marilyn's always the first to volunteer to BE IN CHARGE OF a difficult project. Not "to help"... but to CHAIR the project! And she always does the job well.
  • Staci Tramont There's no doubt who the citizens of Port Orange want representing them!! Congratulations Marilyn Ford and thank you for your commitment to serve our amazing city!! #FordForTheFuture

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