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Port Orange Observer Monday, Dec. 17, 2018 6 months ago

Why did Port Orange Councilman Chase Tramont vote against passing the shopping cart ordinance?

"I'm a fewer regulations, lower taxes kind of guy," Tramont said.
by: Tanya Russo Staff Writer

Newly sworn-in Port Orange City Councilman Chase Tramont was the only one at the City Council meeting on Dec. 4, to vote against an ordinance that makes local businesses responsible for picking up shopping carts that are found off site.

Tramont said it was a "soft no," in that he agreed that businesses should be more cognizant of their properties. He hoped that the businesses would automatically do what is responsible.

He described himself as a "fewer regulations and lower taxes kind of guy." However,  one who "doesn't want to add to financial burdens on businesses. " He did not want to use his position as vice mayor to force mandates.  

Personnel at one business told him that, if necessary, they would contact the police to bring their carts back, which ties up law enforcement.  Tramont felt that if businesses are forced to place expensive security devices on their carts, then ultimately those higher expenses will be passed on to the consumer.  



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