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Port Orange Observer Thursday, May 24, 2018 2 years ago

Snapchat videos of students with apparent firearms lead to police investigation

Two eighth-grade boys were seen handling what looked like real firearms.

The Port Orange Police Department is looking into an incident that involved two eighth-grade boys who were handling what looked like firearms in Snapchat videos. 

Police responded on Wednesday, May 23, after a woman told authorities she had watched several videos of her son's Snapchat account, in which two boys were handling what appeared to be firearms, according to the incident report. The videos had been posted about two hours before police responded. 

Authorities were also told by one individual that he had not heard any rumors or mention of violence from either boy "or anyone else regarding them." The man also said that he had not heard anything about the boys being violent or any mention of them using firearms. 

According to the report, the videos did not contain threats or signs of violence. However, the apparent firearms could not be verified in the videos as working or replicas, though they appeared to be real. 

The POPD announced there would be a followup at the school. 

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