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Port Orange Observer Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 4 years ago

Student handcuffed by deputy after Spruce Creek High staff report school disturbance

An altercation broke out at the high school on Friday, Feb. 9.

An argument at Spruce Creek High School has led to two students being charged for assault on a school board employee and a third charged with creating a campus disruption, according to a Volusia County Sheriff's Office incident report. 

On Friday, Feb. 9, a deputy was called into the school's atrium and tried to separate a student, who was described as highly agitated, from a large group of students. 

According to the report, the student turned toward the deputy, balled up his fists and took an aggressive fighting stance before saying, "don't touch me."

The deputy then forced the student to the ground and put him in handcuffs. Another student rushed toward the deputy in what was described as an aggressive manner but was stopped by staff. 

Because the disturbance appeared to continue outside the school office, the deputy requested backup units be sent to assist. Two more students attempted to push through staff trying to get into the office where the third student was located. The deputy requested the assistance of Port Orange Police officers to secure the two students separately. 

The deputy also requested the school be partially locked down to prevent additional class changes due to rumors circulating that the deputy and the staff had harmed the two students without cause, according to the report. 

A statement from a school staff member indicated the student charged toward the deputy swinging his arms and then swung his fists at an assistant principal who tried to stop him. 

One student was charged with resisting arrest without violence and assault on a school board employee. The second student was charged with creating a campus disruption and assault on a school board employee. The third student was charged with creating a campus disruption.


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