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Port Orange Observer Friday, Feb. 8, 2019 2 years ago

Port Orange retiree to run for City Council District 1 seat

Paul Rozar wants to bring 'common sense' to City Council and make sure each person is heard.
by: Tanya Russo Staff Writer

Retired Ford Motor Co. Parts and Service Director Paul Rozar is running for Port Orange City Council's District 1 seat with the hopes to slow things down on the council and make sure each person with concerns is heard. He said he wants to bring "common sense" to the council.

"They didn’t slow anything down," said Rozar, referring to the council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5. "It was preauthorized. Everything in there, they already made up their mind on everything that was gonna happen. I don’t think documentation on the items, in really what happens, is presented to the regular guy, and that’s what I am, a regular guy.”

If elected, Rozar, a Florida native, said he would work to double the amount of time a person is given to talk in council meetings. He is also concerned about infrastructure, saying that roads in neighborhoods are not being addressed and that only special projects get council attention.

He said every neighborhood has their traffic concerns and needs to be monitored, and he believes this isn't happening. He's concerned about cars speeding through neighborhoods.

“It is the job of the local police,” he said. “They need to silently ride through the neighborhood. We have children. We can’t have people racing through any neighborhood."

Though Rozar said he was supportive of Port Orange Police, he also said he thinks people are being targeted for minor offenses. He believes police should be more lenient on these offenses by giving warnings rather than fines for things like a tail light being out. He also said that the DUI blockages on the bridge are unconstitutional.

“Port Orange and beachside are destination places," Rozar said. "If tourists are pulled over for DUI on the bridge, they will not want to come back to the area.”

He's also concerned about the environment, and wants to be sure that the city follows all the necessary permits and procedures for removal of animals in order to protect them.





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