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Port Orange Observer Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019 2 years ago

Port Orange resident Marilyn Ford running for City Council District 1 seat

"Port Orange can be the premier city in Volusia County, but we have to watch," said Marilyn Ford.
by: Tanya Russo Staff Writer

Port Orange resident Marilyn Ford has declared her candidacy to run for city council District 1 seat, vacated by her late husband, Bob Ford.

“I think I have the experience in all of its facets,” she said.

Last week, Marilyn Ford retired as director of corrections in Volusia County. She filed for candidacy for the District 1 seat the next day.

Her decision to run was not taken lightly. Initially, she was not going to run for council. But she changed her mind when her family came to Florida for her husband’s memorial service, and a family member said she and Bob Ford "were two peas in a pod.’”

Marilyn Ford said that they shared the same views, values and vision for Port Orange, as well as the same backgrounds and training. Both had jobs in service. Both had careers in protection. Both pursued doctorate degrees. 

Ford thought about running and decided, “‘if not now, when? If not you, who?’”

Ford’s view is focused on the future of Port Orange.

“Port Orange can be the premier city in the county, but we have to watch” she said.

She said the city's "best days" may be around the corner, and that Port Orange needs to remain affordable and preserve its assets: safety, parks and staying family oriented. Marilyn Ford is also concerned about water quality, infrastructure, roads, sewer and businesses. She said the city is not "as friendly" to small businesses, but would like to see that change and have businesses move in on Ridgewood Avenue.

She cited a quote from Carol Rasco, public policy advisor for President Clinton, regarding child welfare, and related it to her campaign.

“When you make public policy, you should be asking, what child’s face do you see before you?" Ford quoted. "It brings it home. It’s not about out there. Who are you directly impacting?” 



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