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Port Orange Observer Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2019 5 months ago

Port Orange installs 25 signs to tell residents not to give money to panhandlers

Influx of panhandlers is due to Daytona Beach's new law outlawing panhandling, chief says.
by: Alyssa Warner Staff Writer

Do not give money to panhandlers, Port Orange's police chief says.

“The City of Port Orange has initiated a campaign to address panhandling, which is heavy on education," Police Chief Tom Grimaldi said in a press release. "This is due to an increase of panhandlers we have experienced since Daytona Beach implemented a new ordinance prohibiting panhandling."

Hear city officials discuss the issue on WSBB in February on YouTube below:

According to Grimaldi, 25 “No Panhandling” signs were purchased at a cost of approximately $1,000 and were paid from the Department of Public Works sign account. The idea behind the signs is to educate the public to not give directly to the panhandlers. 

“It is our belief that if our citizens don’t contribute directly to the individual panhandlers, those panhandlers will stop asking for donations,” Grimaldi said. “If our citizens want to contribute, we encourage them to contribute to the United Way, The Salvation Army, or some other organization the can assist those in need.”

Officers will be enforcing existing laws that may apply, such as, obstructing traffic, littering, and trespassing if they are on private property. 

“Many of our citizens are concerned about this behavior, and we are confident that, with our public’s cooperation, we can make a difference,” said Grimaldi.

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