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Port Orange Observer Thursday, May 2, 2019 1 year ago

Ponce Inlet woman arrested for having a dairy crate in Port Orange

The arrest happened at the same residence where a Port Orange man was arrested for having shopping carts.
by: Alyssa Warner Staff Writer

A call about a fight in progress resulted in the arrest of a Ponce Inlet woman who was found to be in possession of a dairy crate on Tuesday, April 23. This incident took place at the same residence where a man was arrested earlier this year for possession of two shopping carts.

Police were called out to the residence again, where they encountered Jason Anglis, who told police he didn’t know why they were there. He was told someone called about a fight in progress. Anglis admitted to getting into a fight and hitting his friend, who informed police he didn’t want to pursue criminal charges and signed a refusal to prosecute. 

Katie Connor was arrested for having a dairy crate.

As police were getting ready to leave, Anglis asked if police could help him evict Katie Connor, a friend that had been staying on the property for a few days. Anglis told police she was staying in his shed in the backyard and he wanted her to leave for using foul language towards him prior to their arrival. However, he did not want her trespassed yet.

As Connor got ready to leave, she grabbed a dairy crate filled with her personal belongings, according to a police report. When police asked if the crate was hers, she said yes, even though the sides read “Dean Foods.” The crate was also stamped with a warning of being in possession on the other side. 

Connor was arrested, and once in custody she failed to comply with the commands from the officer. She was additionally charged with resisting an officer without violence and due to an open warrant out of Alabama, she was transported to jail with a $1,000 bond. 

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