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Port Orange Observer Sunday, Mar. 11, 2018 9 months ago

Police department warns of raccoons with distemper

The raccoons have shown signs and symptoms of Distemper.

The Port Orange Police Department has put out a warning to residents regarding an increase in the reports of sick raccoons in Port Orange, Volusia and surrounding counties over the past few months. 

According to the police department, the raccoons have shown signs and symptoms of distemper. Raccoons are susceptible to both canine and feline distemper, which can be deadly to pets.

Residents are asked to not leave pet food outside that can attract wildlife and consider contacting a veterinarian to discuss vaccination options for pets. 

Raccoons that are infected with distemper often move slowly, stumble, appear confused and can lose their fear of humans. Some sick raccoons can become aggressive.

Raccoons showing signs of sickness or abnormal behavior should not be approached. An animal with these symptoms should be reported to Volusia County Dispatch, 248-1777.

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