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Port Orange Observer Friday, Jan. 4, 2019 2 years ago

New Port Orange Pharmacy takes a personal approach to medicine

Owners Emad Kamel and Dimetry Ghabras are aiming to do what they feel is right for patients.
by: Jennifer Kirschner Staff Writer

Ten years of dreaming of how to do pharmacy differently led two Port Orange former Walgreens managers to take the leap and partner to open their own drugstore. 

Emad Kamel and Dimetry Ghabras's dream became a reality when the Port Orange Pharmacy opened its doors in October 2018. It's located at 5820 S. Williamson Blvd. As veterans in the retail pharmacy world who have held management positions with local Walgreens branches for the past 20 years, Kamel said their vision was to restore "the old image of the drugstore."

"We are doing everything big box stores are doing," Kamel said. "We are not competing, but we are different as we personalize the relationship with the customer [and] we also personalize the need."

The Port Orange Pharmacy offers services customized to the patient's needs, and several of them cater to the elderly. The pharmacy offers medicine compounding (the ability to prepare specially-made medications for individual patients), and sets up a profile for customers with a list of all the medications they are currently taking. The pharmacy also utilizes medication therapy management, which takes a look at the patient's medication profile, and searches for any contradictions or repetitive ingredients.

Kamel said it's a way for them to look at the effectiveness of the medications the people are on, and look into ways to save them money.

"The feedback that we are getting right now is amazing from the patients and the doctors and the traffic is growing day after day," Kamel said. "People are welcoming this kind of concept. Stuff that the big box stores don't have the time to do, we do. That is why we are very successful in the early stage." 

The Port Orange Pharmacy also helps elderly patients obtain coupons for medications via the pharmaceutical company or manufacturer, and helps take care of after-hours emergency pharmaceutical needs for hospice patients. It offers a $1 and $4 generic medication program, as well as dispenses medications for pets. The pharmacy  offers free delivery for all prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and other medical equipment and supplies.

Kamel and Ghabras also like to partner with non-profit organizations for community events. They recently hosted free HIV testing and OneBlood's Big Red Bus has come to the pharmacy for blood donations. They are hoping to host a mobile pet vaccination date in the future.

"It's not about financial reward, it's about passion of what you do," Kamel said. "What's right for the patient? Let's do what's right for the patient."

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