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Port Orange Observer Thursday, Jun. 21, 2018 2 years ago

Michael Arminio seeks election to Volusia County Council District 3 seat currently held by Deb Denys

Arminio is a Port Orange resident.

Local business owner and Port Orange resident Michael Arminio announced that he will seek election to the Volusia County Council District 3 seat currently held by Deb Denys. 

“I believe the people deserve a better choice in this election, as the current status quo with county government is unacceptable," Arminio said in a prepared statement. "Mrs. Denys continues to ignore the needs of the citizens while always at the ready for the powerful interests who fuel her campaign war chest.” 

Arminio currently serves on the city’s Planning Board and is a board member of Family Days, and he has served as the president of the Port Orange South Daytona Chamber of Commerce. 

Arminio said his number one issue is with public safety, adding that he supports the upcoming vote for Amendment 10 to address law enforcement, fire safety, and emergency service need and to also help veterans. Arminio said he also supports a constitutional sheriff.

Arminio said he sees the direction of the County Council as misguided and allowing for a select few to benefit.

“Mrs. Denys has voted to remove driving areas from the beach, allowing her heavy contributors to benefit from these semi private beach areas," Arminio stated. "When elected, I will work to restore these areas, including working with the state legislature and federal agencies to remove various restrictions that have empowered special interests to take away beach access to the people.” 

Arminio said the communities are plagued with road problems and that Denys has "allowed tax dollars to create roads benefiting multi-million dollar developers while local citizens see their properties flooded for lack of proper drainage and sit in snarled traffic congestion.”

Arminio opposes the proposed half-cent sales tax for roads, instead relying on his years of experience recognizing that government has to work within its means.

“Our citizens are overtaxed. Instead of increasing taxes we need to reexamine our impact fee structures and a line item examination of all expenditures in our budget. It is easy to claim waste; it is another thing to do something about it," Arminio said. "I intend on examining every dime spent as if it were my very own."

Arminio is also calling for a more cooperative nature and sharing of services between the county and cities, targeting environmental hazards, expansion of the Votran transportation services, assistance programs for small businesses and a new alliance with the school district in implementing initiatives to protect children.

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