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Port Orange Observer Wednesday, May 23, 2018 2 years ago

Man goes missing after driving vehicle into lake, later tells mother he is afraid of being arrested

The man's wife told police she believed the vehicle was driven into the lake in an effort to kill her.

No criminal charges have been made after a man after drove his vehicle into a lake before being unable to be located by police. 

According to the Port Orange Police Department, on Wednesday, May 23, at approximately 2 a.m., Port Orange police officers responded to the area of 1270 Reed Canal Road after a vehicle had been driven into a nearby lake. The two occupants, a husband and wife, had escaped the vehicle, and no injuries were sustained by either person.

According to the incident report, the male driver had made a righthand turn on Reed Canal driving the truck into the lake. The man's wife was contacted by authorities at Red Sail Road and Reed Canal Road and told police her husband made it out as they spoke after the crash but that she had not seen him since.

The woman was escorted back to her residence, but after a search, police did not find her husband. The man was contacted via phone and text but would not reveal his location. The man's mother, who lives with the couple, had been told by her son that there "are too many pigs" in the area and he was afraid he would be arrested. 

The man's wife told authorities that she did not trust her husband and said he had two firearms on him. She also said she had told him she wanted to end their marriage. She told authorities that she believed he drove into the lake on purpose in an effort to end her life but did not recall anything specific he said to make her believe this. 

She also told police she and her husband had been consistently arguing for the past several days and that he was intoxicated before driving home. 

After several interviews it was determined there was no evidence to support any criminal charges regarding the incident. The vehicle was removed from the lake and will be returned to the owner. 



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