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Port Orange Observer Friday, Sep. 20, 2019 3 years ago

How Sophie's Circle rescues dogs in the most fashionable way

Proceeds from a style show in the Spruce Creek Fly-In supported a dog rescue group in Volusia County on Saturday, Sept. 14.
by: Tanya Russo Staff Writer

My mother’s birthday was Sept. 14, and she had been a model in her career. She loved fashion, and she also loved dogs; we always had a dog in our home.

That made the Saturday luncheon and style show at the country club at the Spruce Creek Fly-In, which benefited Sophie’s Circle dog rescue, extra special for me to attend.

Kathy Blackman is the founder of Sophie’s Circle, which is the only dog rescue group in Volusia County that operates a free pet food bank to those who cannot afford to buy food for their pets. The food bank is on Julia Street in New Smyrna Beach.

“We’ve given thousands, and thousands, and thousands of pounds of food out to people who cannot afford their animals,” Blackman said. “If the animals end up at the shelter, there’s a real good chance they would not come out alive, so this is a way of keeping them in their home. They are loved and taken care of as best as they can. We do what we can to help them."

Blackman thanked her many volunteers and praised those in the Fly-In for being especially supportive of Sophie’s Circle over the years.

Profits from the fundraiser went toward paying veterinary bills that are accrued by the group. Over a hundred supporters of the nonprofit rescue attended the event.

Dogs rescued by the group are placed in private foster homes until prospective adoption homes are evaluated and paperwork has been completed.

Canal Street Chic, a consignment designer boutique in New Smyrna Beach, provided the latest in fashion wear for the crowd.

Proprietor Louise Kellum, her husband, and sister-in-law Robyn Townsend orchestrated the fashion show. Models attired in couture from St. John, Armani, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and other well known designers glided through the crowd.

Animal lover Jean Meetze, of Port Orange, decides to place her raffle tickets in the jar for designer accessories at Sophie's Circle fundraiser. Photo by Tanya Russo
Sophie's Circle founder Kathy Blackman (left) and volunteer Geralyn McGuire-Dicey greet guests. Photo by Tanya Russo
Kim Young and Eleanor Champlain peruse the fashion at the style show. Photo by Tanya Russo
Model Mary Beth McCleary. Photo by Tanya Russo
Model Gwen Hughs shows being fashionable can only go so far as she displays the designer ruby stilts that came off half way through her strut through the crowd. Photo by Tanya Russo


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