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Port Orange Observer Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2019 3 years ago

Ex-wife holds items hostage for her portion of the tax return in Port Orange

This week on Cops Corner...
by: Alyssa Warner Staff Writer

Feb. 28

Tax Return

9:52 p.m. — 4000 block of South Clyde Morris Boulevard

Grand theft and criminal mischief. Police arrested a man's ex-wife who broke several items in the home, where they continue to live as roommates, and stole others to hold "hostage" until the man provided her with a portion of the tax return.

According to a report, the man and his ex-wife had gotten into an argument the day before and he left the home with his daughter for a short time. When he came back, the ex-wife was not there, and he discovered items like his black bookcase, a bar stool and a glass butter dish were damaged. The officers later contacted his ex-wife, who said she got upset when he left and started throwing and breaking some of his items. She also admitted to taking some his items and placing them into the trunk of her car. 

She said she damaged the black book shelf by throwing a frying pan at it and told the officer she "unintentionally broke a butter dish because the butter dish still had butter and it fell off her hands". 

She told the officer she was holding DVDs and a camera “hostage” until he provided her portion of the tax return. The man changed the locks on the home, and she is unable to enter, she said. After she was placed under arrest, she showed the officer text messages between the two as proof that she had permission to take his stuff, but none of them specified this. The woman then changed her story, saying she had received verbal consent. She was taken to jail.

March 2

Coffee at the Car Wash

9:11 a.m. — 900 Block of Dunlawton Avenue

Battery dating violence. A 37-year-old man was arrested after throwing a cup of coffee at his girlfriend, whom he had been dating for a year and a half. 

According to a police report, the couple had been arguing over his whereabouts from the night before. He followed her from Ormond Beach to a car wash in Port Orange in an effort to resolve their argument; the girlfriend believed he was unfaithful. 

Once they were parked at the car wash, the man exited his vehicle and entered his girlfriend's car from the passenger side. They continued to argue and employees asked him to leave. The man drove to the park behind the business, walked back, and continued the argument.

The girlfriend told the reporting officer that while they were arguing, her boyfriend grabbed the cup of coffee in her cup holder and threw it on her. Video surveillance of the incident was provided to the officer and showed the man grabbing the cup and throwing it at his girlfriend, according to the report. 

Before the man was arrested for dating violence battery, he told the reporting officer they were each grabbing at the cup and it spilled.

March 3

It’s just weed

4:51 a.m. — Intersection of Summer Trees Road and Williamson Boulevard 

Possession of drugs. Police report a 19-year-old man who repeatedly said, "It's just weed!" as he was being arrested for having less than 20 grams of marijuana, cannabis wax and some other drug paraphernalia. The man was pulled over by police for having an expired tag by almost eight months. 

The officer asked him for his vehicle's registration and insurance, and spotted a multi-colored glass smoking pope when the man opened the glove box, according to the report. The reporting officer noted the man showed several signs of intoxication, including slurred speech and watery/bloodshot eyes. 

The man initially denied consuming alcohol, but then later admitted he had. When the officer told him he had seen the pipe in the glove box, he admitted to having it there, however, denied any further contraband in the vehicle. After the officer found a cannabis grinder, a red electronic smoking device, the marijuana and an empty "Dank Vapes" container, he was placed under arrested.

According to the report, the man told the officer he did not let him know about the electronic smoking device beforehand because he knew it was a felony to have it and “could not afford a felony." He was taken to jail.

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