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Port Orange Observer Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018 7 months ago

Chase Tramont wants to maintain stability within Port Orange City Council

If re-elected, Tramont intends to lead the community like he leads his family.
by: Lurvin Fernandez Staff Writer

Chase Tramont won Mayor Don Burnette’s seat on the Port Orange City Council and served the remaining two years of his term. Tramont now is running for re-election for his own four-year term against Sarah Jones.


Do you think the city will need to raise taxes?

I’m a low-tax kind of guy. Frankly, it’s hard during budget season because you’re in a room full of people that you don’t want to say no to. I get pegged as the frugal “no” guy, but I believe in growth that pays for itself. I don’t think government should be different than household or business. This is your budget, and if you can’t afford it, then you can’t get it.


Are there some services than can be cut?

No, I’m not interested in cutting services. I’ll support moderate increases over time to handle what you have to handle, I’m just leary with biting off more than I can chew, especially this coming legislative session, where we will have $1.2 million cut off the budget. Not only do we have to find that money, but also money for what we will take on this year. We will need a 4% to 5% increase just do to what we promised last year.


Where can the relationship with Port Orange and the county be better?

We can always improve. I will talk to them behind closed doors and challenge them, but I don't think we should bite the hand that feeds us out in public. For the most part, we have a good relationship, and we have been supportive of each other. I have a great relationship with County Council members.


Do you think the relationship is better with Jake Johannsen as city manager?

I think so. I would attribute to the entire City Council and managers. This is the first time in half a decade where Port Orange has stability. There is great chemistry, continuity and stability with his council. There’s a friendship there. When you have that continuity, it makes it easier for the county to have a better relationship with the city. I think Jake is doing a terrific job.


Do you think there’s room for change in code enforcement?

I get comments from residents on both sides of the issues. That’s where being a people person comes into place. I’ll report it when I see it. It’s my job. It’s not my job to decide whether it should be done, it’s to represent them. If they want their voice heard, they will be heard.


Should codes be amended to encourage construction of diverse housing?

We have a lot of single-family homes. ... We don’t need to adjust. ... I’m always want to be cautious if it is low-income housing.


Do you think teachers, firefighters, police officers can afford to live in Port Orange?

I live in Port Orange and I’m a school teacher. You can live anywhere if you live within your means. We have one of the most diverse cities around, and it’s just a matter of what part of Port Orange you want to live in, and how much within your means you’re going to live.


Can you explain your thoughts on traffic?

When you’ve lived here all your life, it’s a problem, but there’s 30,000 more people here now. So, there’s also a lot of people not complaining about it. The challenge is how can you get from here to the beach. It can be a problem for evacuations because you have seven cities using one artery. I think we’re doing everything we can legally and within our means. We can try to fix it, but do you want to spend $50 million to fix it?


Why should we endorse you?

If you want to keep the continuity, the character of Port Orange and the stability we have as a council, then don’t break what is finally fixed and what works. I’ve lived here my entire life, I’ve raised my family here and we’re not going anywhere. We are fully invested in this community. I’m not running because I’m angry about something, it’s because I want to genuinely serve the community. I’m not looking for something to do, this is something that I feel strongly that I need to do. I don't let anyone else make decisions for my family.

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